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Tony Sun Leaving Venrock (Next Year)

peHUB has learned that venture capitalist Tony Sun is leaving Venrock, where he’s been working since 1979. A firm spokeswoman has confirmed the information, but also stressed that his departure isn’t coming anytime soon.

Sun will actually leave Venrock in the middle of next year, which also is around the same time that the firm expects to be raising a new fund (last one raised in 2007). In other words, it sounds like an orderly retirement.

It’s also worth noting that Venrock partner Rich Moran will transition into an executive-in-residence role within the next four or five months. Among his immediate plans will be a book tour (I don’t have details, but here was his last one), although he’s also told friends that he isn’t certain what comes next. Moran will continue to serve on his Venrock board seats, which currently include Glu Mobile and Sutura.

Moran joined Venrock in 2007 as a venture partner, but the firm seems to have (at least publicly) converted all venture partners and managing partners into just plain partners. Both Moran and Sun work out of Venrock’s Palo Alto, Calif. office.