Top 10 Blog Posts for Past Week Focus on Founders Cashing Out Too Early, Sweeter Fund Terms, Social Food Sites, More

Want to catch up on what your colleagues found most interesting on peHUB last week? Here are the top 10 blog posts written by peHUB staffers that garnered the most pageviews from our regular readers from April 18 to April 22.

No. 1: Concern Grows Over Founders Cashing Out Too Much, Too Early
No. 2: Fund Terms Grow Sweeter; Bain Expected To Offer 20% Carry
No. 3: Churchill Financial Files To Form A BDC
No. 4: Hungry VCs Like the Taste of Social Food Sites
No. 5: Charlesbank, H.I.G. Sell Vision Source After Nearly A Year
No. 6: Global Secondary Market Expected to Surpass $25B, as Asian Deals Take Off
No. 7: Gets Another Big Name Advisor And $6M In Cash
No. 8: Social Scene: Hard-to-Get Seats at Obama’s Facebook Town Hall, Foundry Dudes Rock a New Band, 13-Year-Old’s Entreprenurial Spirit Inspires
No. 9: Silver Lake Kraftwerk Confirms Atluru And Fichtner As Partners
No. 10: Washington State Re-Ups With $300 Million to Providence Equity Partners