Top 10 HUB Posts this Week Feature UTIMCO, Groupon and Grilled Cheese

Catch up on what your colleagues found most interesting on peHUB this week. Posts that garnered the most pageviews from regular readers from May 30 to June 3 focused on venture returns at UTIMCO; insiders who cashed out before Groupon’s IPO; Level Equity raising its first fund; Sequoia Capital backing a chain of grilled cheese shops; and more.

1. Slideshow: UTIMCO’s Top 5 Venture Capital Investments, by Mark Boslet

2. Slideshow: Top 10 Winners in pre-IPO Cash-Out at Groupon, by Lawrence Aragon

3. Backers of Biggest Groupon Round Not Among Top Shareholders, by Joanna Glasner

4. Former Insight GPs Raise $120M for New Firm, Level Equity, by Lawrence Aragon

5. Job Moves: Vivo Promotes Two, TA Goes to Hong Kong, Obama Appointee Joins Venrock, More, by Joanna Glasner

6.  Sequoia Flips Over Kaplan’s Grilled Cheese, by Sarah McBride, Reuters

7. Fundless Sponsor Sponsor Plots Fund IV, by Bernard Vaughan

8. It’s Baaack: Shopping for $10M to $15M — Exclusive, by Connie Loizos

9. So, Um, What’s Up with DLA Piper?, by Connie Loizos

10. Another Argument For Back-ended Carry Distributions?, by David Toll