Top 10 Hub Posts this Week Focus on First-Time Funds, Redpoint’s Hot Streak and Q2 Investment Trends

Time to catch up what your peers found most interesting on peHUB this week. Here are the top 10 posts that garnered the most pageviews from regular readers from July 18 to July 22. Hot topics include LP interest in first-time funds outside of Silicon Valley, performance of vintage 2006 funds held by CalPERS, Redpoint’s hot streak and Q2 venture investment trends.
1. Slideshow: LPs Keen to Back Newbie VC Funds Outside of Silicon Valley, by Lawrence Aragon
2. Slideshow: CalPERS’ Mid-Decade Venture Boom — Commitments Jumped in 2006-08, by Mark Boslet
3. Slideshow: Redpoint Ventures’ Red-Hot Deals, by Jonathan Marino
4. Slideshow: Top Second Quarter Venture Deals Show Internet, Health Care And Late Stage Focus, by Mark Boslet
5. Slideshow: The New England, New York Rivalry And The Cheapest Place To Do A Second Quarter Venture Deal, by Mark Boslet
6. Legal Battle Brewing Over Quick Flip, by Bernard Vaughan
7. Slideshow: Texas County & District’s Top-Performing Funds, by David Toll
8. Slideshow: Quattrone Is Back with a Vengeance; His Qatalyst Partners Has Advised PopCap, GoDaddy and 11 Others this Year (subscription required), by Luisa Beltran
9. Chicago Shop Rolls Out Exits As It Eyes Fund X, by Bernard Vaughan
10. Shocker! Someone’s Making Money in Newspapers, by Luisa Beltran