Top 10 Hub Posts this Week Focus on Pandora’s IPO, IRRs for Morgenthaler and Austin Ventures, and PE Execs in Pro Sports

Catch up on what your colleagues found most interesting on peHUB this week. Posts that garnered the most pageviews from regular readers from June 13 to June 17 focused on reader opinions about expanding the 500-shareholder rule; the biggest winners in Pandora’s IPO; IRRs for Austin Ventures and Morgenthaler provided by UTIMCO; PE pros that have bought into pro sports teams; Searchlight’s new media fund; and more.

1.  Slideshow: Top 10 Winners in Pandora’s IPO, by Lawrence Aragon
2.  Slideshow: IRRs for Eight Morgenthaler Funds, Courtesy of UTIMCO, by Mark Boslet
3.  Slideshow: Who Makes The Most Money Of All?, by David Toll (Subscribers only)
4.  Slideshow: VCs and PE Execs Who’ve Made the Leap into Pro Sports, by Jonathan Marino
5.  Slideshow: UTIMCO Holds 7 Austin Ventures Funds, 4 of Which Have Negative IRRs, by Mark Boslet
6.  Winklevoss Twins Still Pursuing Facebook Founder, by Jonathan Stempel, Reuters
7.  Searchlight Reaches $800M On Debut Media Fund, by Gregory Roth
8.  TALK BACK: What to Do with the 500 Shareholder Rule, by Jonathan Marino
9.  Middle Market M&A Dominates First Five Months, Strategic Most Active Buyers, by Luisa Beltran
10. Reinventing The Board Meeting, by Brad Feld, Foundry Group (Subscribers only)