Try Rebounding from This Gaffe…

Just ran across this funny exchange between the CEO of a Ketchum, Idaho, startup, and Dan Levitan, managing partner of Maveron, the Seattle-based venture firm founded by Howard Schultz.

The CEO, Scott Jordan, was scheduled to meet with Levitan earlier this month to talk about his company, which produces clothing with hidden pockets to store personal gadgets. Today, on his personal blog, Jordan posted the emails he traded with Levitan to set up the meeting.
I will be in Sun Valley this weekend. Meet at 12:30pm tomorrow somewhere downtown?
Dan Levitan
Maveron LLC
That would be great.  How about Tulley’s?

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I don’t do Tully’s. See you at Starbucks at 12:30pm this afternoon. Dan
Dan Levitan
Maveron LLC