Union Square Ventures endorses Hillary Clinton

Union Square Ventures on Tuesday endorsed a presidential candidate for the first time and the firm’s choice in November is Hillary Clinton, according to a blog post.

Clinton is the only major party candidate with the temperament and experience to lead the country at home and abroad, the post said. A protest vote is a wasted vote, it added.

The firm said it understood why many Americans feel the urge to “reboot” the whole political system.

“The benefits of technology and globalization have not been evenly distributed,” the blog post said. “People with access to education and capital have prospered while many others have seen good jobs lost to automation or offshoring.”

They see their lives as upended and experience frustration as politicians squabble for political advantage. But shutting out the world is not the answer.

“We don’t think it’s desirable, or even possible, to return to an earlier era when America was less diverse, or the economy was less global,” the post said. “There is no wall big enough to protect us from a changing climate or the unintended consequences of new technologies like artificial intelligence or DNA manipulation.”

The way ahead is a respectful, rational dialogue grounded in science, the firm said.