UV Partners Changes Name to Pelion Venture Partners

UV Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm, has changed its name to Pelion Venture Partners. The Salt Lake City-based firm is investing out of a $122 million fourth fund, and says the following on its website:

With the convergence of Utah Ventures/UV Partners and Novell Ventures and the evolution of the firm, we felt now was the time to change the name of the firm to reflect the direction of our new heading…

The perfect symbol for our role in that process, for what Pelion Venture Partners has become, is the timber from Mt. Pelion.  We will help you build your ship with those timbers. We will add our expertise and experience to your entrepreneurial drive and help you execute toward the achievement of your own success.

The name Pelion is one part constellation–reaching for the stars—and it’s one part the mountain from which the timbers for the Argo came; a mountain whose own height will help you seek your greater heights. The rich symbolism of Mt. Pelion conveys the essence of our fund: we help you build strong opportunities with discipline, hard work, and the insight that comes from experience, to make your company strong, reliable, enduring, and successful.