Fremont, Calif.

Went public 8/3/2000 at $11 per share

Filing Range: 4.6 mil. shares @ $11 to $13

Shares Outstanding: 22 mil. shares

Underwriters: Lehman Brothers/ Chase H&Q/Pacific Growth Equities

Inc./UBS Warburg

Company Counsel: O’Melveny & Myers

Manager Counsel: Dewey Ballantine LLP

Auditor: Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP

The Company:

Develops infectious disease therapeutic drugs which combine functional genomics, combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening and informatics to identify novel agents. The company developed proprietary technology, called Gene-to-Screen, that allows the validation of any target genes essentiality and the creation of selectively hypersusceptible screening strains in a single step. This technology also allows the verification of the mechanism of action of a drug inside a cell providing an important support tool to the chemistry programs. In addition to its drug discovery activities the company intends to develop and sell drugs for the treatment of serious systemic microbial infections in the North American hospital market.

Venture Backers

Patricof & Co. Ventures Inc.

Sepracor Inc.

Healthcare Ventures LLC

New Enterprise Associates

Abingworth Management Ltd.

Rho Management

Hambrecht & Quist

Schroder Ventures International Life Sciences

S.R. One Ltd.

Smith Kline Beecham Corp.

Financing Rounds:

Number of Round Amt.

Round # Round Date Stage Investors ($ thousands)

1 12/01/1997 7 Expansion 22000.0

2 12/09/1997 1 Expansion 9530.0

3 03/01/1999 2 Expansion 3750.0

4 03/01/1999 1 Expansion 3000.0

5 11/10/1999 11 Expansion 40180.2


(Data in $ millions)



Total Revenues: $4.3

Net Income: -25.1