Want to Pee on One of Those Dastardly Investment Bankers? Here’s Your Chance

For anyone who’s had it with Wall Street, brothers Simon and Kemal Amarasingham have just created a new Facebook game called “Pissing Contest,” which “delicately balances the art of accurate urination, the motor skills of drinking and the moral judgment to know that investment bankers are not worth pissing on when on fire.”

How is it played? Much like you might imagine. Once the game’s hero fills up on beers like Noweiser and Feineken, he proceeds to pee on “friends” who are on fire. (As in real life, the protagonist must keep drinking in order to keep peeing.) The challenge is in keeping the “stream” away from flame-engulfed investment bankers, including from “Goldberg Sacks.” Spare them and they’ll drink everything in sight.

The Amarasingham brothers are also the founders of dSonic, a 10-year-old San Francisco-based company that provides sound effects, voice-overs and music exclusively to the game industry, including to Gaia Online.

You can check out the game here. For more on dSonic, click here.