Week’s Top 10 Hub Posts Focus on Groupon Criticism, UC’s Recent VC Commitments, SEC Charges Against Former VSP Partner Matt Crisp

Since you’re not working (hopefully) this Labor Day, why not catch up on the stories and slideshows your colleagues found most compelling on peHUB last week? Here are the top 10 posts that garnered the most pageviews from regular readers from Aug. 29 to Sept. 2.

1.  Slideshow: Top And Bottom-Performing Funds Of Louisiana Teachers’ (subscribers only), by David Toll
2.  Slideshow: University Of California’s Recent Venture Investments Include The Expected And Unexpected, by Mark Boslet
3.  Slideshow: PE Firms Chowing Down on Restaurants, by Jonathan Marino
4.  Groupon PR to peHUB: Call Us Before You Write Another ‘Nastigram’, by Connie Loizos
5.  Slideshow: Top 10 VC Funds for What’s Shaping Up as a Weak Q3, by Lawrence Aragon
6.  Slideshow: Pre-IPO Preview Of Carlyle Group Returns, by David Toll
7.  Groupon’s August Gets Worse, as Analysts Call Valuation “Colossally Absurd”, by Connie Loizos
8.  The No. 1 Predictor of Startup Failure: Premature Scaling, by Joanna Glasner
9.  Cash Machine Slideshow: CalPERS’ Top 10 VC Funds Based on Return of Cold, Hard Cash (subscribers only) by Mark Boslet
10.  SEC Alleges Former VC Matt Crisp of Adams Street Partners Responsible for Conflicts of Interest and “Willful Violations”, by Jonathan Marino