Weigh in on Wall Street’s Woes

Sand Hill Road has been surprisingly quiet on the subject of the Wall Street meltdown. Sure, some firms are getting waked by the sinking titans of banking, anyone who invested in Fluidigm is going to be in for a tough time when (if?) the company goes public Thursday, for example.

But most seem to be relatively calm about the events that have everyone else freaking out. Kleiner Perkins’ Matt Murphy put it to me this way: “Anything you invest in right now, you’re not expecting to have liquidity events for several years. What we’re looking at now is unchanged by what’s going on on Wall Street.”

It’s a sentiment that I’ve heard echoed by many of the investors I talked to this week. Late stage financing may be more expensive, some portfolio companies may go through a round of layoffs, portfolio company revenue is likely to be off–but in general, it’s business as usual.

We’ve created a survey to allow you to weigh in on what Wall Street’s woes mean for your business. Please check it out and let us know your thoughts.