What’s hot and what’s not in the New Year

We’re back with our annual predictions of What’s HOT and what’s NOT in venture capital in the New Year. Did someone say China? That’s so 2006! Did we hear Sarbanes Oxley? C’mon, this isn’t Q3 2006! Web 2.0? Maybe where you’re from! Second Life? Get a life? Follow instead our very own predictions for the year ahead!

VC travel destination

Hot: Vietnam

Not: China

How thou shall covet

Hot: Zillow.com

Not: Sunday open house

Age of new GP hire

Hot: 32

Not: 42

VC home run

Hot: YouTube

Not: Vonage

VC issue

Hot: Stem cell research

Not: Expensing of options

Venture meets politics

Hot: Prop 87

Not: Sarbanes Oxley


Hot: peHUB.com

Not: my.yahoo.com


Hot: Downloaded

Not: Streamed

Investment sectors

Hot: Cleantech

Not: Tech

Cool video service

Hot: YouTube

Not: TiVo



Not: Zune

Other gadget

Hot: GPS device

Not: Blackberry

VC roadster

Hot: Tesla

Not: Prius

VC jet

Hot: Eclipse 500

Not: Lear

Tech book

Hot: “The Long Tail”

Not: “The World is Flat”

Set-top box

Hot: Akimbo

Not: Slingbox

Early stage pre-money valuation

Hot: $90 million

Not: $5 million


Hot: IPO on London AIM

Not: eBay auction

Software business model

Hot: Software-as-a-Service

Not: Open source

Tech buzzword

Hot: Mash-ups

Not: Web 2.0

Web partner

Hot: MySpace

Not: Microsoft

Business book

Hot: “Blueprint to a Billion”

Not: “The Goal”

VC deal strategiesHot: Venture debt

Not: Cram downs

Web technology

Hot: Ruby on Rails

Not: .NET

Marketing strategy

Hot: Adsense

Not: Viral

The new number

Hot: $1.65 billion

Not: 409a

CEO recruiting strategy

Hot: Heidrick & Struggles

Not: Rolodex (who has time)

Internet stock

Hot: Google

Not: Yahoo

Information source

Hot: Blogosphere

Not: Google Answers

VC challenge

Hot: Strategy differentiation

Not: Deal flow

Web content

Hot: Wikis

Not: Blogs

Entrepreneur challenge

Hot: Capital efficiency

Not: Raising VC money

Favorite movie

Hot: “Borat”

Not: “Startup.com”

Location, Location, Location

Hot: Second Life

Not: Page rank

“Hot” Technology

Hot: Clean coal

Not: Intel processors

Startup priority

Hot: Traffic

Not: Monetization

Semiconductor architecture

Hot: 45nm

Not: 65nm