Yuri Milner Said To Purchase $70M Silicon Valley Home

I couldn’t help reposting the news from Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch blog that Russian investor Yuri Milner purchased a $70 million home in Silicon Valley.

This isn’t because the news is surprising. It’s not a shock that Milner would want a base of operations in California’s venture heartland. This founder of the Moscow investment firm DST has become more active in venture investing in the states and early this year agreed along with Ron Conway’s SV Angels to invest $150,000 in each Y Combinator startup.

Wouldn’t you want to keep closer tabs on your money?

The real reason for reposting is the somewhat salacious value of the news, if indeed it is true (Arrington cites several anonymous sources). The fairly new home measures 25,000 square feet and sits on 11 acres. It’s the size of several well-meaning homes. And its photo (left) is astonishing.

Thank you, Arrington.