Zorroa raises $7 mln in Gradient Ventures led round

Zorroa said it raised $7 million in a round led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused early-stage venture fund, and joined by several strategic partners.

A press release follows:



Zorroa’s intuitive automated machine learning platform enables unprecedented insight from digital documents, images, and video files across multiple enterprise market verticals

BERKELEY, Calif., July 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Zorroa Corp., the company behind the first search and analysis platform able to automatically extract intelligence from visual assets and apply insights to data-driven business processes, has closed a $7M funding round. The round was led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused, early-stage venture fund with participation from a number of strategic partners.

With the funding, the company is positioned to expand its Zorroa Visual Intelligence (ZVI) platform, accelerate ongoing feature and usability enhancements, and invest further in employee growth to better support its clients across multiple industries. ZVI automatically analyzes and organizes a company’s large and fast-growing collection of visual assets — digital documents, images, and video — extracting valuable insights and metadata contained in these assets and providing actionable business intelligence.

“With Zorroa, businesses across a wide range of industries finally have the ability to organize and derive value and insights from millions of electronic documents and visual assets, enabling access to archived or inaccessible data resources that often get overlooked,” said Zachary Bratun-Glennon, a partner at Gradient Ventures. “Zorroa has assembled a team of proven industry experts that are uniquely qualified to solve this fundamental problem, and we’re happy to help make their vision a reality.”

Zorroa Visual Intelligence, which launched in April of last year, includes an intuitive user interface and a powerful visual-processing pipeline that automatically organizes massive collections of images, videos, and documents using advanced machine learning and vision algorithms. ZVI easily adapts to the specific needs of enterprise clients and their different asset-analysis requirements, such as automatic document categorization, facial recognition, natural language processing, and other solutions required in different market verticals.

The flexibility of the platform is demonstrated in Zorroa solutions for differentiated markets:

Oil & Gas companies use multiple machine learning algorithms to extract data buried in decades of exploration imagery and reports to uncover new revenue sources.
Media & Entertainment users are able to analyze, organize, and then license millions of images and videos on repositories located on premise and in the cloud.
Mortgage & Finance professionals gain AI-driven insights by automatically scanning numerous loan application docs to identify key indicators of customer creditworthiness.

“Our clients have had amazing success using ZVI,” explained Dan Wexler, CEO of Zorroa. “Our media-and-entertainment clients have dramatically reduced the time required to analyze, organize, and monetize massive digital imagery archives while enabling employees to search millions of photo and video assets to find exactly what they’re looking for. Oil and gas clients are processing land acquisition valuations in about 10% of the time it previously took — simply by implementing ZVI, we automated the process of analyzing and extracting critical data from their huge repositories of digital imagery and PDF research files.”

To learn more about the Zorroa Visual Intelligence platform and how its clients across multiple industries are discovering entirely new ways to organize and monetize their treasure trove of digital assets, please visit www.zorroa.com.

About Zorroa Corp:

Zorroa is the leader in AI-driven software and services for visual search and business intelligence, blazing the trail with Visual Intelligence, combining elegant user experiences, deep learning, and data integration. Founded in 2014 by Academy Award™ and Emmy® winning visual asset experts, Zorroa’s mission remains solving the ever-increasing problem of managing extensive digital asset databases stored on repositories such as corporate server farms or in the cloud. Our team brings over 280 years of combined experience designing, developing, deploying, and supporting enterprise software.