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Tightrope balance balancing act
Amid concerns of a bubble, a new venture firm founded by alums of Softbank and Microsoft's M12 VC fund, is taking a more conservative approach to AI investing.
Illustration for concept of fundraising for climate technologies.
With $4.4 billion already raised this year, climate-focused venture capital funds are on track to surpass their $5.2 billion fundraising haul in 2023.
Investors in Fund II include the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, the Dunn Family Charitable Foundation, Carbon Equity, Builders Vision and New Summit Investments.
An LP at this week's Women in Private Markets Summit North America says GPs need to understand the importance of managing reserves, especially in light of how dilutive new rounds of financing can be for companies that haven't yet broken out.
Photo of Lloyd Danzig, founder of Sharp Alpha Advisors.
Publicly traded sports-oriented gaming and entertainment companies and owners of professional sports team owners are looking for stakes in the technology infrastructure being built to expand cross-sell opportunities.
The final rule applies not only to employment agreements but also to equity-based restrictive covenant agreements with employee equity holders, which would be thrown out unless they relate to a third-party sale.
Photo concept of Canada.
For the most part, domestic LPs are not keen to commit to homegrown funds, says Thomas Birch, a managing director at CDPQ.
Canada drew 2,200 tech workers from outside the country in the first nine months of 2023, compared with 1,500 it lost to Europe.
After a couple of years of slower growth, Canada’s venture system is re-energized and poised to resume its expansion.
The capital needed to grow category-leading companies up north is beyond the capacity of LPs in Canada, which could make fundraising by VC managers more difficult.

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