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Mark Zuckerberg comes out against the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation. Writer Om Malik responds: Really, Mark Zuckerberg?!?!?! Why today's Web blackouts worked. Pajamas every day, all day? Carl Icahn raises his bet on WebMD. The 48-story Trump Soho is on the auction block. Who wants to buy this "trophy property?" The Obama administration rejects plans to extend the Keystone XL natural gas and oil pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Texas. Ricky Gervais's thoughts on Ricky Gervais's Golden Globe performance (including, "Phew! Thank f--k that’s over").
Yahoo founder Jerry Yang has abruptly resigned from the company's board. And four more Yahoo directors will soon follow suit, says AllThingsD. Will Scott Forstall succeed Tim Cook at Apple? Fortune's Adam Lashinsky thinks so. Mitt Romney says his effective tax rate is "probably" 15 percent. How Facebook helped a daughter find her homeless father. Your headphones may kill you -- really. Turning rats into cyborgs! Google contractors get sacked after vandalizing OpenStreetMap.
For reasons hard to imagine, Jon Corzine is shopping for office space in Manhattan. The FTC reportedly just expanded its antitrust probe of Google to include its social networking platform Google+. The Samwer brothers rip off another popular U.S. startup. Meet Pinspire. The lead prosecutor in the insider-trading case against Raj Rajaratnam is leaving the U.S. attorney’s office for private practice. Wikipedia mulls a SOPA blackout, too. Times correspondent Jodi Kantor, on Michelle Obama's unhappy response to her new book.
Jay Mandelbaum, JPMorgan's head of strategy and business development, is out the door. Michelle Obama is on Twitter. Nestle, and Danone are vying to buy Pfizer’s baby food unit. The gloves have come off, as Hollywood and Silicon Valley go toe to toe over SOPA. Stephen Colbert for president?
High-level departures at Goldman, as two co-heads of its global securities division head out the door. Like his predecessor, Steve Jobs, Apple CEO Tim Cook does not live large, no matter what his pay package. How much do CEOs need to make to stay motivated anyway? The U.S. Supreme Court: Not too busy to debate how much bare butt can be shown on television. Think the go-go '90s are back in Detroit? Think again. Forget the talking chihuahua; Taco Bell is going gourmet. Vanity Fair looks at the -- mmmwahahahaha -- "dark side" of Mitt Romney. Joseph Schumpeter on the dangerous pastime of hurling brickbats at bankers. Former Swiss National Bank Chairman Philipp Hildebrand may have been forced to quit Monday, but he'll still get 12 months' pay.
The New York-based book and digital media retailer Barnes & Noble, after recording record holiday sales for its digital NOOK business, is now looking to sell it, according to CEO William Lynch. It’s “the right time to investigate our options to unlock that value,” he said in a statement released today. PRESS RELEASE: Barnes & […]
You're fired! Six execs who got the boot in 2011. Meet AGNES, the suit that makes you feel 75 years old. What the superrich drive. Step away from the Quarter Pounder. A new study suggests fast food causes brain damage. Expect the investigation into the MF Global debacle to heat up. The online currency wars are coming. Can a company legally control an employee's LinkedIn account once they've left? The winner of the worst footnote of 2011.
Bloomberg predicts 2012 will be the biggest year for IPOs since (gulp) 1999. And a happy new year to you, too, Morgan Stanley! All the viral videos of the year in two minutes. Gay Facebook, Gay Yelp, Gay Foursquare, Gay Groupon: The many phases of Fab.com. Dear Google+ team, sorry, but you can't afford not to have a sense of humor. While U.S. pilots dump their paper charts for iPads, less than 1 percent of hospitals have fully functional tablet systems. What Norway can teach us about investing. Holy shut-ins: U.S. consumers spent $35.3 billion online this holiday season. Ten ways to blow your biz school application.
The worst CEOs of 2011. "'You know and I know that she's not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of a president.'" Why Berlin is poised to become Europe's next tech hub. Insights on the writing of "Steve Jobs." (Good stuff, especially if you've read Isaacson's book.) New Yorkers are living longer than ever. Could the city become a blue zone? The world of online poker gets a holiday gift. Economist Joseph Stiglitz and his wife on marital economics. The wealth gap between lawmakers and their constituents grows. Want to "see the softer side of Sears?" Better hurry; it's closing 100 stores following weak holiday sales. Google+ now has 62 million users. Open letters to people or entities who are unlikely to respond. Why a truly successful hangover cure remains frustratingly elusive.
Warren Buffett wants his son Howie to be his successor at Berkshire Hathaway (though he won't be CEO). The amazingly substance-free testimony of Jon Corzine. How to get hired when you're over 50. Is Mike, the investment banker, a serial email stalker? And what becomes of the "broker hearted?" Grim tales of dating financing pros. New Twin Towers unveiled as world’s jaw hits floor. For Research in Motion, it can only get worse, says analyst. Greece's economic restructuring is bringing about "many opportunities" for foreign investors, says optimistic Greek. The misery caused by the Facebook feature that hides a bunch of your mail.

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