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Where does Greg Smith's nasty farewell "letter" to Goldman Sachs rank in the pantheon of awful/awesome/awe-inspiring curtain call?
Latin America is a pretty big deal, for those who care about it. Nearly two thirds of peHUB readers, responding to our Question of the Week, declared the region "essential" for PE-backed companies to expand into. Another one in six said it was somewhat important.
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If the euro zone can make it through the next year, the currency union might just muddle through. That's one way to read the results of our Question of the Week, as 44% of peHUB readers predicted that the euro zone would survive, while 32% expect it to collapse in 2012. (Maybe that is what causes the Mayan end of the world, rather than John Cusack doing it.) Odds of the failure of the Continent's common currency diminish in the out years, but with an interesting twist: More of you believe that ...
Groupon has reduced the size of its IPO, the company disclosed today in its latest regulatory filing, and it might be a good thing, based on peHUB readers’ response to our Question of the Week: Nearly two thirds of you said this stock is going to be a stinker. Another three in 10 thought a […]
And the public has spoken. Er, the private. You guys. The problem with stock market volatility is that it makes private equity fundraising harder, according to 60% of peHUB readers who responded to our Question Of The Week, making that by far your greatest concern about today’s tumultuous markets (click on the chart to enlarge it). […]
The bodies are piling up in the boardroom. Last night, Hewlett Packard stock soared on speculation that the board may oust Léo Apotheker, its CEO of nearly a year, and perhaps replace him with Meg Whitman, the former CEO of eBay and former candidate for governor of California. (Update: HP made it official today, announcing that Whitman is its new CEO.)
Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool. The Obama administration on Wednesday sued to stop AT&T from acquiring its smaller rival, the cellphone carrier T-Mobile. Personally, I'm in favor of breaking up the deal, for at least three reasons...
Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool. Feeling a little skittish on the investment banking sector? A lot of people are after sister news service Reuters broke the story Monday that Lloyd Blankfein, CEO at Goldman Sachs, had hired high-profile criminal defense attorney Reid Weingarten amid the ongoing federal investigation of the firm's role in ...
Dealmakers in Connecticut foresee continued strength in the market, a new survey says. Sixty percent of respondents to a survey said they expect a moderate increase in M&A over the next six months, according to the semi-annual ACG-Thomson Reuters DealMakers Survey, sponsored by the Association for Corporate Growth and the publisher of peHub. Another 17% called for a "significant increase" in activity. The Connecticut results, announced this morning at a networking event in Stamford, are not entirely comparable with the national survey, which is to be released next Tuesday. As a point of comparison, though, the national survey released in May foresaw 85% expecting an increase in M&A activity over the next six months.

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