Business apps integrator Unito secures $575k in VC funding

Unito, a Canadian project management apps integrator, has secured $575,000 in financing, according to Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator Founder Institute. The investors were Canadian venture capital firm Real Ventures, U.S. investor Right Side Capital Management, and Yul Ventures, the seed fund of Pascal Pilon, CEO of Montréal startup Landr Audio. Unito will use the investment’s proceeds to double its employee base in the months ahead and increase its rate of growth, Founder Institute said. Launched last year by Marc Boscher, the company is a 2015 graduate of a cohort of Founder Institute’s Montréal chapter.

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FI Grad Unito Raises $575,000 as their Sync Software Attracts Global Interest

Since graduating from Founder Institute’s Montreal Spring 2015 chapter, Marc Boscher and his company Unito have been generating attention due to their ambitious technology that connects widely used business apps.

Unito won the Best Pitch Award at last summer’s Startup Fest, and has been capturing the interest of investors ever since. This interest culminated earlier this week, with the announcement of a $575,000 from the California-based investment firm Right Side Capital Management, as well as Canadian firms Real and Yul Ventures. With this money, Unito intends to double its number of employees by the summer and drastically increase their rate of development.

After spending a number of years in the world of project development, Marc Boscher noticed a troubling lack of synergy between employees. He concluded that this issue was exacerbated by employees using different project software without any cross-software unification. This revelation led to the creation of Unito as a solution to the communication gap.

“Everyone has their favorite application, we connect them together so they can work better together. Whether Trello, Asana, Base Camp…basically, they are not compatible. Unito makes them compatible.” – Marc Boscher, Founder of Unito

Unito’s beta, now in its sixth month, has seen high levels of customer satisfaction by enabling users to connect services such as GitHub and Asana. By merging project management software with developer tools, Unito allows non-technical employees to coordinate with engineers with ease and enhances company-wide communication.

“The project manager can communicate via their preferred application to share tasks and content with the developer without switching applications or having to send emails.”

Over 300 companies have expressed interest in using Unito’s services and users have performed over 30,000 project synchronizations, causing Unito’s launch to be a much-anticipated event. But, for now, eager users can get involved in the Unito’s beta for free and provide valuable feedback.

“Right now, Unito is still in beta. We are constantly improving, tweaking, and committed to making great software”

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By Drew Zias on 2016-03-03

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