Delicious Founder Tires of “Glorious Unemployment”

Delicious founder Joshua Schachter left Yahoo in June, feeling, as do many entrepreneurs whose companies have been acquired and then stranded by Yahoo, that he was “sidelined” by management’s decision-making.

At the time, he told TechCrunch that his was an abrupt but certain decision, and that he was looking forward to joining the ranks of the “gloriously unemployed.”

Evidently, after seven months or so or total freedom, Schachter has decided he’d rather contribute again to the Web world again — this time in the employ of Google. Schachter has just accepted a job with the search giant, according to Silicon Alley Insider, which cites a Twitter message about the move that was just sent by First Round Capital Josh Kopelman (an early investor in Delicious and recent subject of a peHUB Q&A).

Schachter, as many followers already know, began his career as a Wall Street banking analyst who wrote a popular blog in his spare time. To keep straight the many Web links his readers would forward him, he created a database in which to store them, then a Web page through which to access the database.

It was when Schachter began tagging the links with their subject names in order to identify them — then inviting visitors to the site to do the same, that Delicious began to take root as a full-fledged company.

Less than a year later, Yahoo acquired itfor a rumored $30 million.