Facebook’s London Sprawl Beginning to P.O. Neighbors

Evidently, not everyone is pleased with Facebook’s skyward trajectory or the growing number of employees being hired for the ride. Just days after the company moved from its 18 Soho Square headquarters in London to a bigger office around the corner in Carnaby — a pedestrian-only district with a dozen streets and nearly 200 retail stores —  complaints are coming in from the Carnaby neighborhood that it’s being overrun by Facebookers.

Says Evening Standard columnist Simon Firth in today’s paper: “Who says Facebook is killing off face-to-face social interactions? Only last week, the online network inspired my neighbour Colin to knock on my door. Since Facebook has moved its HQ nearby, it seems, the company’s employees have been filling local streets with their cars, making it hard for residents to park.”

Colin, apparently, is already leading a petition to restrict parking to residents.

According to Alexa, 30 percent of Facebook’s roughly 220 million users come from the U.S.; its second-biggest slug of traffic, 6.3 percent, comes from the U.K, where Facebook is the second-most visited site. (Alexa says Facebook is the fourth-most-visited site in the U.S., behind Google, Yahoo, and YouTube.)
Facebook’s international headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland, which houses the company’s technical, sales, and operations staff. The company also has offices in Paris, Toronto, and Sydney, though most of its now 850 or so employees are based in Palo Alto, where staffers were also recently moved into bigger digs.