Kensington backs launch of Brightspark’s curated investment model

Canadian early-stage venture capital firm Brightspark Ventures has unveiled a curated investment platform available exclusively to domestic accredited investors. The investment model, the first of its kind in Canada according to Brightspark, will invest in five to seven technology companies annually. Brightspark is being backed in its initiative by Kensington Venture Fund, a venture fund of funds managed by alternative assets investor Kensington Capital Partners, as well as investors in Brightspark’s network. Founded in 1999, Brightspark is led by Managing Partners Mark Skapinker and Sophie Forest.

BLOG POST (reproduced courtesy of Brightspark Ventures)

Brightspark Ventures Launches Differentiated Investment Model with Backing from Kensington Venture Fund

Tue, Feb 16 2016

Brightspark Ventures, known for its successful track record of investing in early stage tech companies, has recently opened its doors to Canadian accredited investors. Their innovative model- the first of its kind in Canada- assembles a community of accredited investors providing exclusive access to curated investment opportunities. With support from lead investor Kensington Venture Fund (Kensington) as well as investors from the Brightspark network, Brightspark plans rapid expansion with a presence from coast to coast by the end of 2016 and investments in 5-7 companies annually.

Kensington is an industry leader supporting the innovation economy with investments in top tier technology companies and venture capital funds to continue to strengthen a vibrant Canadian ecosystem.

“We are excited to be supporting this unique opportunity for individual investors to access high quality technology start-ups under the umbrella of the Brightspark team,” said Rick Nathan, Managing Director at Kensington, “At the same time, the growing Brightspark network will provide an important new source of capital for early-stage entrepreneurs.”

“Kensington has proven time and time again that they are forward-thinking investors,” said Mark Skapinker, managing partner of Brightspark Ventures. “We are pleased to have them join forces to help accelerate our plans.”

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