Reports tell a different story than personal anecdotes, but it seems like there's no letup in 2020 for venture fundraising and deployment during a pandemic.
Healthcare Money
Bernard Ross of Sky Medical Technology says that the European medtech market has grown in recent years and he expects it to keep rising since the region is ripe with innovation.
Mercato Partners co-founder Greg Warnock talks about the firm’s growth strategy and the impact of racking up four exits since April.
Matt McCooe of Connecticut Innovations writes that the stereotypical successful tech entrepreneur is not a nerdy white guy in jeans from Silicon Valley. Investors need to broaden their lens.
A fully realized business model may not exist for another decade, but interest in quantum computing is soaring. Pegasus, Morpheus and Redpoint, among others, are planning for the long game.
The Commission's exemption allowing finders to engage broker-dealer-like activities could impact venture scouts.
Covid-19 has created uncertainty, and it has also paved the way for opportunities in certain sectors. Anis Uzzaman of Pegasus Tech Ventures says e-commerce, online education and e-sports are the three sectors that will remain relevant long after the pandemic.
VC Education Tory Patterson, Owl Ventures
Investor interest in edtech is expected to continue in a post-pandemic world, according to Tory Patterson of edtech-focused Owl Ventures, who says that we will soon see some good IPO candidates.
The latest evidence comes from Scrum Ventures, which has launched a studio.
It's not just business as usual for investors; many are seeing an uptick in activity as this has the feel of the busiest fall season in memory.

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