There is a 'pernicious idea' in VC that taking into consideration the identity and background of portfolio company founders means deprioritizing returns, says diversity-focused Kapor Capital.
smart gun, firearm with biometric technology
Biofire, which is making a gun that can only be discharged by its owner, has raised $14 million in Series A funding.
A new report on women in VC shows that female-founded companies are weathering current market conditions at least slightly better than their male-founded counterparts..
cancer cells, oncology, molecular
After raising $4.2m in pre-seed and seed funding, the Argentina-based biotech start-up is aiming to open a patient clinic by the end of 2023.
private credit, venture debt
Venture debt is coming to the forefront as start-ups confront a tightening VC market, inflation and rising interest rates., writes Nelson Chu of Percent.
Jeff Grabow, EY’s US venture capital leader, expects about $210bn of total capital to be deployed this year down 35% from $325 billion last year.
buyout, M&A, acquisition, gulp
An analysis of why Bessemer Venture Partners and Industry Ventures have expanded into tech buyouts.
brakes, skid mark, tire, hit the brakes
The median pre-money valuation for an early-stage deal hit a high of $55m in the third quarter, even as deal-making declined for the third consecutive quarter.
health and fitness, running, wearables, technology, sports, sports tech
A new generation of start-ups is targeting the $45bn fitness tracking market, which is forecast to grow to $192bn by 2030.
climate technology
The co-author of a new climate tech report is unfazed by a slowdown in exits, saying the slump means climate tech companies "will just be more expensive for potential acquirers to buy."

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