peHUB First Read

Cofee* Worldwide Q2 M&A Review

* When the leeches come for Jacko’s money, they’ll be knocking on Fortress Investment Group’s door.

* Bruce Bartlett: Why isn’t the stimulus stimulating?

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London up early on crude, Europe gains on financials and commodities, the Nikkei rises 0.8% and Hong Kong shares keep rising.

* Bob Borchers has stepped down as Apple’s global head of product marketing for iPhone, in order to join a VC firm.

* Felix Salmon rips “John Carney’s bizarre crusade against the CRA.” Lots of comments section activity on this, including from Carney.

* Breaking out VC profits on the Medidata IPO.

* Paul Volcker gets less than he wants in curbing excesses.

* CEO Marc Benioff: The future of computing looks like Twitter.

* EMC CTO Jeff Nick on the company’s tech priorities.

* Photo of Drew Bledsoe and our conference guy Mark Cecil at yesterday’s VCJ Cleantech event. Mark grew up in Worcester, Mass., while Drew was slinging for the Pats (as did I). Bledsoe was what made people stop laughing at me for watching football on Sundays (they really were a joke before him).

* Finally: