peHUB First Read

Cofee* CIT = SAVED

* LPs step up: WSJ reports that investors in Citi’s $3.4 billion infrastructure fund have voted to stop new investments, after several high-profile deal collapses and co-head Michael Froman’s departure for the Obama Administration. In similar news, The FT reports that LPs in Nordwind Capital have blocked a proposed investment in the U.S. in-vitro fertilization clinic market, saying that it violates the German turnaround firm’s investment strategy.

* David Weinberger: Transparency is the new objectivity.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures up after CIT rescue, London rises early, European shares rise on banks and pharma, the Nikkei gains 0.6% despite political worries and Hong Kong hits 10-month closing high.

* Steve Lohr: The crowd is wise, when it’s focused.

* Nate Silver challenges all climate change skeptics 

* Q&A with new AOL boss Tim Armstrong, including discussion of the revived/refocused AOL Ventures.

* Why toxic assets are so hard to clean.

* Your online analytics software might be undercounting Twitter referrals by up to 500%.

* Tom Slee googles Barbie (again). As an aside, I assume you don’t capitalize “google” when used as a verb. Correct?