peHUB First Read

Cofee* Floyd Norris: “The era of financial globalization may be coming to an end.”

* Q&A with Kevin Conway of Clayton Dubilier & Rice: “My guess is — given how badly the industry has managed its PR and how loud the cry for a villain is — the pendulum will probably swing a little further than we would like.”

* Video of Adam Lashinsky’s 1-on-1 with Twitter’s Biz Stone, from the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference.

* Morning Call: U.S futures point higher, London rises early, European shares keep climbing, the Nikei gains 1.6% and Hong Kong and China shares scale new heights.

* Not just a PE-backed IPO filing, but a PE-backed IPO filing for a retail chain!

* While the FDIC continues to ponder rules to govern PE investment in financial institutions, regional banks have reached the brink.

* Javier Bardem turns down a role in the Wall Street sequel (Gordon Gekko II: Financial Boogaloo). Apparently it’s better to play a sociopathic hit-man than a hedge fund manager.

* The bearish Eric Sprott: We’re now in the early stages of a depression.”

* Layoff Alert: Harley Davidson Financial.

* Still unclear what Tier-1 FHC is, but at least we now know what it isn’t.

* With a name like Ronnie Conway, you just knew he’d become a venture capitalist.

* Justin Fox: “If all financial journalists shared [Matt] Taibbi’s disregard for fairness and his juvenile glee in name-calling, financial journalism would be unbearable. But since most financial journalists try so hard to be fair that they often miss the truth, and write with such sobriety as to be unreadable, Taibbi offers a welcome change of pace and point of view.”