peHUB First Read

Cofee* The pros and cons of guaranteed bonuses.

* Who’s to blame for Rosetta Stone’s scuttled stock sale?

* Want to ask Tim Geithner a question? Well, he’ll be doing a Q&A this Thursday via Digg (and via moderator Alan Murray), and you can submit your questions here. In the meantime, Ritholtz has cherry-picked some of the more ridiculous ones.

* Morning Call: U.S. markets point higher, London rises early, European shares rebound, the Nikkei inches up and China and Hong Kong markets partially recover.

* Citadel is trying to set up a leveraged loan trading unit, but apparently got rebuffed by the Barclays team it wanted to poach. Better act fast Citadel, before those loans hit 50 cents on the dollar.

* Corporate cannibalization: For a company to grow, it is sometimes best to chew off its own arm.

* Informal Survey: Only 41% of institutional investors made new private equity commitments in H1 ’09.

* Ron Conway reorganizes his angel empire around the concept of real-time data.

* Long after the nanotech hype has subsided, the technology is being quietly incorporated into our everyday lives. Here’s to you, Mr. Jurvetson…

* Bank robberies are down (well, depending on how you characterize the IndyMac deal).

* All the elements of an M&A rebound are in place, except that no one wants to spend actual cash.

* Chadwick Matlin: HuffingtonPost + Facebook is the future of journalism (pretty sure he means the future of journalism distribution… right?).