peHUB First Read

Cofee* David Sorkin: A sense of investment ownership can improve accountability.

* Swine Flu Inc: How companies are cashing in on the upcoming epidemic.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point to further gains, London inches higher, European shares edge lower, the Nikkei breaks 10k and Chinese shares rise 4.8%.

* The Boston Globe profiles its final two bidders: Platinum Equity (the accompanying photo of Tom Gores is priceless) and Stephen Taylor.

* World Economic Forum study: The U.S. has lost its ranking as the world’s most developed financial center. The new leader is Britain. Apparently stability of a nation’s private equity firms is not among the criteria.

* Chadwick Matlin: Obama is seeding his education agenda through stimulus cash and venture capital semantics.

* Jason says that the Private Equity Council threw venture capitalists under the bus, by supporting proposed SEC registration for all alternative asset managers. True, but venture capitalists started it years ago — by arguing that VC firms should be taxed differently than LBO firms, when it comes to carry. Isn’t turnabout fair play?

* Another day, another lawsuit against Facebook. This one comes from Boston-based alt newspaper publisher Phoenix Media (where your humble correspondant once interned), accusing the social network of violating a patent related to the creation of online personal profile pages.

* Barry Ritholtz: The most hated rally in Wall Street history.

* Adam Lashinsky: Battle for the soul of Silicon Valley.

* Carl Icahn: Beware of a double-dip recession that could cause an investor “bloodbath.”

* Miley Cyrus quits Twitter. Tracy Morgan and Elizabeth Taylor join. @peHUB follows none of them.

* I’ll be scavenger hunting around Boston today as part of the Quest for Innovation. Look forward to seeing some of you there…