peHUB First Read

Cofee* Duncan Kerr: Junk bonds are the new leveraged loans.

* Bijan Sabet: Paying attention to anti-VC sentiment (part ii)

* The Deal says goodbye to founder Bruce Wasserstein.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures lower on GE and BoA earnings, London rises early, European shares fall on BoA, the Nikkei edges higher and Hong Kong shares slip on profit-taking.

* Lance Knobel: Venture capital harms your wealth.

* Eli Noam: Farewell, macroeconomics.

* The Epicurian Dealmaker stands up for investment bankers, and the college grads who want to join them.

* WSJ reports that Sun Capital Partners has offered to cut the size of its $6 billion fund by $1 billion. That’s mostly in line with what we reported back in August.

* Twitter launches a charitable wine label, which apparently has deep roots.

* The IRS keeps wanting to meet the Mets. First Lenny Dykstra. Now Ron Darling.

* Felix Salmon apparently is leaving Reuters as quickly as he came (no idea if it’s true). Guess he won’t become part of the BreakingViews brand that he wasn’t quite in favor of Reuters acquiring.

* The year’s best hockey goal is scored by a 9-year-old: