peHUB First Read

Cofee* Time for financial types to pick their Halloween costumes: Paulson as Leatherface, Bernanke as Dracula, Arthur Levitt as Dillinger, Geithner as Damien, Blankfein as a Giant Vampire Squid…

* Michael Corkery: What Bill Belichick could teach Goldman Sachs 

* Have private equity bakeoffs returned to the middle markets?

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point to mixed open, London opens flat, European shares edge higher, the Nikkei takes a tumble and both Hong Kong and Shanghai hit multi-week lows.

* VentureSource: VC investment outside the U.S. rises 23% in Q3

* Jeremy Grantham believes the last hurrah (a.k.a. sucker’s rally) is almost over. Download his Q3 letter here

* European venture capitalists believe recent buyout losses will mean VC fundraising gains. Have they looked at recent VC returns? And by recent, I mean the past decade.

* Will the IPO be something to look back on with fondness?

* FT Q&A with George Soros

* Digital Equipment (DEC) founder Harlan Anderson has begun blogging:

* Teddy Forstmann discusses the future of Wall Street: