peHUB First Read

Cofee* Q&A with Henry Kravis and George Roberts

* Megan McArdle: Should I stop worrying and learn to love the deficit?

* Intel Capital’s Ashish Patel warns that European venture capitalists “will get more and more risk averse, take safer bets, in order to provide and produce better returns.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher as all eyes are fixed on the Fed, London rises early, European shares climb on banks and autos, the Nikkei reverses course and both Hong Kong and Shanghai gain.

* An end to the Skype battle may be near, with Index Ventures out and Skype’s founders in.

* William Cohan: Is Larrry Summers the financial crisis MVP?

* The CIA keeps investing in semiconductors.

* Dan Gross: Is there a contradiction between a strong U.S. stock market and a weak U.S. consumer? Maybe not.

* Tweet of the Day comes from @dickc: “I’m going back to the Blackberry. I have to be able to type and pretend i’m paying attention to what you’re saying at the same time.”

* Tech’s forgotten co-founders

* Is The Daily Show more reliable than Paul Krugman? (not broached: Are both more reliable than Cato?) 

* The woman who made it on Wall Street: Lessons from Sallie Krawcheck’s rise.

* Evan Newmark yesterday argued that a GOP win in NY-23 would lead to stock market bullishness. An “inflection point.” Well, the GOP lost that race. If stocks are up today (and futures point that way), will Newmark write a new column explaining why his original one was so specious (which he kind of acknowledges in the middle, then dismisses).

* How to open a bottle of wine with your shoe: