peHUB First Read

Cofee* The Year in Photos

* Bill Burnham: Why VCs don’t invest in early-stage consumer companies, and the consequences of this great abdication.

* Latest investor letter from Howard Marks

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares rebound, the Nikkei hits 8-week closing high and China shares jump on property.

* Philanthropic dealmakers

* Survey Says: M&A to increase 20%-30% in 2010

* Michael Corkery: It’s a great time to buy a Saab

* Sara Lacy: Not all entrepreneurs consider a billion dollar M&A exit to be a success. Some find it to be a “character flaw.”

* Bijan Sabet: “We’ve got to do a deal together” is VC-speak for “nice to see you.”

* Tweet of the Day #1: @herbgreenberg If I were still in media I’d be blasting Wall St. & Cos for STILL playing the beat the street game. After all we’ve gone thru…amazing!

* Tweet of the Day #2: @cleantechvc Early indicator of an economic rebound: I’m starting to get “attitude” from entrepreneurs again.

* Chip Hazard: At least someone is putting their job on the line

* ‘Tis the season… Jack Bauer vs. Santa Claus (h/t Brad Feld):