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Cofee* Reid Hoffman: “All these concerns about [online] privacy tend to be old people issues”

* University endowments just experienced their worst fiscal year since the 1930s.

* Matthew Goldstein finds a copy of AIG’s Schedule A, without all that pesky redaction

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares rally, the Nikkei rebounds and China shares gain

* Venture capitalist Paul Grim tries to parse the iPad hype

* Cracked: The six most statistically full of crap professions

* Poll: Americans support Obama’s proposed TARP tax

* Mike Kinsley is out as editor of Atlantic Media’s new business site, before there even is a new Atlantic Media business site.

* Tweet of the Day: @mikemaddenSpeech would be more popular if Obama had invited a $GS banker to sit with Michelle, then had her throw him over the railing

* Private equity finds Croatia

* Jon Stewart wants to make out with Elizabeth Warren:

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