peHUB First Read

Cofee* The demise of VC-backed Crispy Gamer

* Tim Geithner says he will “fight” to change the tax treatment of carried interest.

* Apollo’ Management’s Eric Zinterhofer spent much of last year reorganizing Chater Communications. Now he gets to run it.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls early, European shares hit 10-week low, the Nikkei falls over 3% and the news isn’t any better for China or Hong Kong shares.

* Jerry Colonna: Board meetings that suck

* Jay-Z sues Highland Capital Management over a hotel loan

* A TechCrunch intern admits to being bribed to write about certain startups. He’s a TechCrunch intern no more. Arrington obviously did the right thing here, but a follow-up question: Shouldn’t he identify the shady startups?

* Rob Day on the underwhelming financials of recent cleantech IPO filers: “I believe these companies are IPOing now because they raised their LAST money under the argument that it would be the ‘last money before the IPO,’ and now that the window for IPOs has opened even just a slight bit, they feel compelled to race out there and make it happen. Come hell or high water, this is the promise they’ve made.”

* Citi has a blog

* An editor looks back on Doubledown Media, one year after the Dealmaker and Trader Monthly publisher shut down.

* South Korea begins steps to loosen private equity regulations, including those that currently regulate what types of deals a firm can transact. At the same time, SK authorities plan to impose a capital gains tax on U.S. firms existing an SK deal (they’re looking at you, Lone Star).