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peHUB First Read

Cofee* Peter Schiff was right wrong.

* BreakingViews: Time for GE to spin off GE Capital.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures creep up, European shares bounce on financials, Nikkei hits 3-month closing low and Hong Kong markets are closed for the Lunar New Year holidays.

* Even porn is feeling the recessionary bite.

* Rob Day: In defense of Vinod Khosla.

* New York’s new senator is not a TARP fan.

* A venture-backed company just filed for an IPO. Really. I promise.

* Henry Blodget: Off course the banks aren’t lending. Stop whining about it.

* Fred Wilson saves all his old documents. Do you? I wonder how much that answer depends on whether you have an assistant or not…

* Forget I-bankers. Sell your company — or find investors — on eBay.

* It’s been just three months since 60 Minutes aired this (mostly) flattering profile of Bank of America and its CEO, Ken Lewis. Methinks it’s time for an update: