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Cofee* So much for “private” investment: Fifteen state pension funds have talked to the FDIC about their ability to participate in the PPIP (i.e., toxic asset dump). They include New Jersey, California, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Scott Kirsner: How a software company’s recent layoffs unfolded on Twitter, with some people even getting job offers.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point upwards, European shares rise in early trading, the Nikkei keeps gaining and Hong Kong hits another 3-month high.

* Hexion vs. Huntsman, Part Deux.

* Sounds like IBM and Sun have broken up. It’s always about the money…

* What Obama could learn from Jet Blue.

* The Economist: “Some of this cheating has been of an old familiar sort: building Ponzi schemes and bribing politicians to secure favourable deals. There are greyer areas, in which the rich hide their cash in tax havens and get tax law written to their advantage—witness the indefensible treatment of private-equity profits.” Let me repeat: THE ECONOMIST!

* Bankers flee Wall Street for the comfy environs of academia.

* Dick Fuld gets a job.

* Has there ever been a clearer URL than

* Tim Geithner on Face the Nation:

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