peHUB First Read

Cofee* LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman shares his three rules of investing. Sarah Lacey presses Reid on his support for government entry into venture capital.

* The day in New York kickback scandal: New Mexico has suspended its advisory relationship with Aldus Equity and Hank Morris helped Quadrangle secure commitments beyond NY Common (which we already knew, although not with the specifics).

* Morning Call: Wall Street futures point higher, London rises early, European shares up on retailers, the Nikkei falls on bank fears and Hong Kong gets felled by blue chips.

* Lauren Silva Loughlin: Is GE now the bellweather for global stimulus packages?

* Dave Weidner: Banks need to admit they’re not lending, and that it’s okay.

* Red Sox owner John Henry may be willing to acquire the Boston Globe, as part of a deal to buy the NYT Co’s stake in his team. Don’t expect syndicate partners on this (if it happens), because Henry isn’t usually too keen on such things.

* U.S. bank failures in 2009.

* The Sacramento Bee on CalPERS/CalSTRS bonuses. No mention of the accross-the-board 10% salary cut at CalPERS…

* Adeo Ressi: Q1 VC investment numbers not as dire as they look (kind of surprising, given that Ressi typically argues that VCs invest in too few companies.