peHUB First Read

Cofee* Let’s make a deal: Chrysler and the UAW reach an agreement that satisfies the fed government’s requirements for the automaker to get more financing.

* Michael Bloomberg defends Steve Rattner. Now if only Rattner would come out of hiding and speak for himself.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures fall on swine flu fears, London down early, European shares drop, the Nikkei rises and Hong Kong shares hit a three-week low.

* Buyouts Magazine (sub req): Need a vacation from the denominator effect? Head abroad.

* Allan Frank: Why did Ken Lewis go along with the cover-up?

* Felix Salmon gets seduced by The Lending Club, a P2P lender that has raised nearly $30 million from venture capitalists.

* This WSJ editorial is absolutely correct that certain states should lift the artificial caps put on the number of Teach for America folks working in their schools. I have two very close friends who were part of Teach for America, and each complained at the time that their schools — one in Arkansas, one in southern Texas — were painfully understaffed. Or perhaps some sort of recruiting/relocation program to import the legions of laid-off teachers in more affluent areas…

* The revenge of geography (h/t Kedrosky, who always finds the best stuff)

* Matthew Ingram: Is CraigsList the victim of a witch hunt?

* Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) thinks she has a gotcha on Al Gore, asking if he’s “aware of… capital firm Kleiner Perkins.” Umm… yeah, he’s a partner there. Not a big secret. And we tend to call it a “venture capital” firm: