peHUB Second Opinion 7.6

How to get into private equity or venture capital after getting your MBA.

The Simpsons return to movie theaters with a trailer, “The Longest Daycare.”

Will it sound the same? Def Leppard is re-recording their own songs to win back digital download revenue.

Yahoo and Facebook strike patent peace

Galaxy smartphone sales drive record quarterly profit at Samsung

For those of us with a high-cholesterol death wish.  Here’s the 100% ground bacon burger.

Hacker Hostels provide a cramped environment for programmers looking to change the world.

Yahoo is considering Hulu’s Jason Kilar for its CEO but Kilar is saying no.

How a group of businesses conspired to get better Yelp ratings

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is getting his own theme song but this isn’t for revenue.

Here’s Gawker’s explanation of the God Particle.

Photo courtesy of REUTERS/KCNA KCNA