Photo-sharing startup Vidigami scores $1.25 mln in seed funding

Canadian photo-sharing platform Vidigami Inc has secured $1.25 million in seed-stage financing. The round was led by Andrew Wright, managing director of U.S. venture capital firm Wright Ventures, and was joined by a number of angel investors, including Aaron Rallo, James Fletcher, Laurie Wallace and Robert Cruickshank. The Vancouver-based Vidigami, which has developed a content-management system for storing and sharing school and family photos, said it will use the funds to fuel growth by investing in sales, marketing and product innovation. The company was founded in 2010.


Vidigami raises over $1.25 million in financing

Vidigami Media, the leading place for storing and sharing school memories, today announced the closing of more than $1.25M in seed financing in 2014. The round was led by Andrew Wright, managing director of Wright Ventures LLC, a Seattle-based seed stage investment fund, with participation from leading tech veterans and investors. Vidigami will use the funds to fuel future growth in the billion-dollar photo industry, investing in sales, marketing and product innovation. Vidigami is the only private, photo-sharing and photo-management system specifically designed to help schools worldwide better capture, organize, store and share their photos with their school community.

“I’ve spent my career building digital imaging and consumer media businesses, ” says Andrew Wright, founder of and Real Networks and Microsoft executive. “Vidigami has identified a valuable segment of the consumer photo market that is under-served. I believe the opportunity is very exciting, and I look forward to continuing to help Vidigami realize its vision.”

Seed round investors also include: Aaron Rallo, Former President of PNI Digital Media, James Fletcher, Director of Vision Critical, Laurie Wallace, Entrepreneur and Director, and Robert Cruickshank, Chair of Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) and Former President of the BC Technology Industry Association, MDSI and Telus/BCTel Mobiity.

“There is no better way to share the experience schools are offering than through photos. Whether its parents, teachers, staff or students, precious memories are collected but seldom shared. Vidigami provides a safe, secure, easy to use environment to make these memories available to those who cherish them,” says Rob Cruickshank. “For schools, an emotional attachment for parents increases the likelihood of their financial support. I’ve seen this first hand in my time at St George’s and through the other CAIS schools. Vidigami helps create that attachment for the parents while their sons and daughters are at the school and for the alumni after they have left.”

Source: Vidigami Inc

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