Sleep wellness brand Proper inks $9.5m

Sleep wellness brand Proper has secured $9.5 million in funding.

Sleep wellness brand Proper has secured $9.5 million in funding. Casa Verde Capital led the round with participation from Redesign Health.


NEW YORK, NY — JULY 27, 2020 — Proper, a new sleep wellness brand grounded in science and data, today launches a first-of-its-kind solution to help Americans achieve better long-term sleep health. Combining access to one-on-one expert sleep coaching with a line of natural, safe, and effective sleep supplements developed in partnership with nutritional biochemist Dr. Alice Hirschel, Proper’s solution meets the needs of individuals experiencing a range of sleep issues.

Proper enters the surging sleep aid market during a time when one-third of US adults are battling poor sleep. With a subscription-based model that pairs specially formulated supplements with a complimentary sleep coaching session, personalized sleep assessment, and individualized recommendations, this solution also taps into the growing telehealth market, which has exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Proper aims to help solve what the CDC has identified as a public health crisis – insufficient sleep — with a truly more holistic and personalized solution,” said Nancy Ramamurthi, founder and CEO of Proper. “Proper has combined the best of natural, safe, evidence-based sleep supplements with expert behavioral coaching, which consumers have not traditionally been able to access. Now, thanks to the increasing popularity of telehealth, sleep coaching can be delivered online.”

Proper sleep coaching is delivered by vetted, board-certified health and wellness coaches under the guidance of a clinical psychologist and behavioral sleep medicine specialist. The supplements may be purchased a la carte or via subscription. All feature a “core” blend of clinically-studied ingredients at the right dosage levels to target multiple stages of the sleep cycle and positively impact sleep quality and quality of life. The solution also includes supplements that address specific sleep and self-care needs, including helping to restore the natural sleep cycle, reducing stress, boosting immunity, and improving cognitive performance.

In addition to Dr. Hirschel, Proper’s scientific advisory board includes Dr. Adam Perlman, Director of Integrative Health and Wellbeing at the Mayo Clinic, and Dr. Allison Siebern, clinical psychologist and board-certified sleep medicine specialist at the VA Medical Center in North Carolina, and an Adjunct Clinical Assistant professor at the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center.

Adds Ramamurthi, “There is a growing understanding that sleep is the third pillar of health, as important as one’s diet and physical activity. A good night’s rest provides immediate benefits like more energy, a better ability to focus and retain information, perform, make better judgments, and simply be in a better mood.”

In the long term, chronic sleep deprivation may lead to a host of health problems, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even early mortality. Yet, over 90% of primary care physicians admit their knowledge of sleep is “poor to fair.” With only one board-certified sleep specialist for every 43,000 Americans, it’s especially difficult for consumers to access expert sleep support.

According to Dr. Perlman of the Mayo Clinic, “What makes Proper unique is that it delivers the most complete solution I’ve seen for addressing short and long-term sleeplessness. The pairing of science-based, quality natural products that address the biochemical components of disrupted sleep, with access to expert behavioral sleep coaching, is a system that can help people bring about more sustainable change.”

Proper recently closed a $9.5mm investment round, led by Casa Verde Capital, with participation from Redesign Health. “We are excited by Proper’s rigorous and personalized approach to solving America’s sleep crisis. Proper’s stellar management team, in partnership with a council of leading scientists and medical experts, are uniquely positioned to tackle the sleep, supplement, and telehealth industries that represent an estimated $106B market opportunity in 2023,” said Karan Wadhera, Managing Partner, Casa Verde Capital.

How it works:
Consumers select and purchase one of five sleep formulations at They are either available a-la-carte for $39.99 per bottle, or by subscription with a 10% discount, free shipping, and, for a limited time, a complimentary 30-minute one-on-one consultation with a Proper sleep coach. Subscribers are assessed, have an individual coaching session, and receive a personal sleep action plan. The introductory sleep coaching session gives consumers access to the sleep expertise they need for sustainable behavioral changes.
Proper’s five formulations, which include botanical ingredients that are validated in numerous clinical studies, are all based on the Core Sleep blend:

Core Sleep: A blend of GABA, Venetron™ Rafuma Leaf Extract, Valerian Root Extract and Sensoril™ Ashwagandha Root & Leaf Extract. Known to significantly improve feelings of sleeplessness1. For individuals seeking a deep and restful sleep that will last throughout the night.

Sleep + Restore: A blend of Core Sleep with tart cherry plus standard and sustained release melatonin shown to decrease sleep latency, increase total sleep time and improve sleep quality2. For individuals seeking to reset their natural sleep cycle and who prefer melatonin.

Sleep + Calm: A blend of Core Sleep with L-theanine which helps to promote relaxation, cope with everyday stress and support a restful, relaxed state3. For individuals seeking better sleep with extra support to relieve everyday stress.

Sleep + Clarity: A blend of Core Sleep with Cognigrape™ which is clinically validated to improve cognitive performance4. For individuals seeking to get better sleep, improve their concentration, and enhance their focus.

Sleep + Immunity: A blend of Core Sleep with Zinc, Vitamins C, B6 & D and a clinically-effective dosage of Wellmune® that supports a healthy immune response and helps strengthen the immune system5. For individuals seeking to boost their immune health.
While Proper designed both the formulations and coaching program to be effective individually, users may achieve their best night’s rest by using them in combination.
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About Proper
Proper is a new kind of sleep wellness company. It’s a better way to achieve long-term sleep health, starting tonight, and is grounded in data and science. It’s personalized and holistic – combining the best in evidence-backed, safe, and natural sleep formulations tailored to your needs with access to expert sleep coaching to help bring about the sustainable behavioral change you need.

Proper was developed in partnership with our team of scientific and medical experts in sleep, nutrition, and integrative health. It’s vision is to advance the science of sleep and help make the world a better and more rested place.