Sports genetic platform Athletigen raises $1.55 mln in financing

Halifax, Nova Scotia-based Athletigen Technologies Inc, a sports genetics technology company, has secured $1.55 million in seed-stage financing. Exponential Partners, a U.S. venture capital firm, led the round. In addition to the funding, Pat Wilkison of Exponential Partners, has been named to the company’s board of directors. Founded in 2014, Athletigen said it planned to use the investment’s proceeds to support the growth of its Athletigen Performance Platform, a tool used by athletes, including those preparing for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Athletigen Raises $1.55M From Exponential Partners to Accelerate the Global Expansion of its Sports Genetics Platform

Assisting Athletes as they Prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio

January 04, 2016

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Athletigen Technologies Inc., a sports genetics company, today announced it has raised US$1.55M in seed funding to propel the growth of the Athletigen Performance Platform – a tool used by elite athletes, including professionals and Rio 2016 Olympians, and their coaches. The financing was led by Exponential Partners, a venture capital fund specializing in the application of breakthrough technologies in consumer health and human performance.

Athletigen uses an innovative interface to present sports genetics analysis in a format that athletes and coaches, looking to improve performance, can easily understand and incorporate into their training plan. Athletigen has been working extensively with Olympic coaches and athletes and have also recently partnered with Affymetrix (a global leader in genotyping microarray technology) to enhance its expert informed proprietary DNA analysis, which analyzes 850,000 genetic variants that will inform human athletic performance research. Taking advantage of a fast growing consumer genomics market, Athletigen will be using the funds to advance its human performance platform to help athletes unlock their potential. Through genetic analysis, athletes will gain a deeper and immediately applicable understanding of how their genetics influence athletic performance.

Jeremy Koenig, Ph.D., CEO of Athletigen said, “We are proud of what our outstanding team has accomplished to date, launching the world’s most comprehensive sports genetics analysis platform. We welcome the confidence and guidance of Exponential Partners and our other investors and look forward to using these new resources to establish Athletigen as the leading human performance brand in the field of genomics.”

In conjunction with the financing, Exponential Partners’ Pat Wilkison will join Athletigen’s Board of Directors.

Pat Wilkison, general partner at Exponential Partners noted, “Athletigen is leading the charge of a genomic revolution, making this an exciting investment opportunity. Their unique ability to analyze individual athletic traits and recommend effective action holds tremendous potential, particularly as advances in technology have made genetic testing so affordable. With a staff consisting of high performance athletes and the top scientific minds in applied genomics, their knowledge of both athletics and science makes them unrivalled in the industry. We are infinitely committed to providing the support needed to help to fuel the adoption of Athletigen by the world’s athletes.”

Exponential Partners joins existing strategic investors Dr. Ray Muzyka (Medical Doctor, Co-founder of Bioware and CEO of Threshold Impact, an angel investor fund supporting disruptive innovations in information technology, new media and medical innovation with capable, passionate entrepreneurs) and Content Bloom (a digital agency that helps companies approach, implement and evolve technology solutions).

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About Athletigen

Athletigen Technologies Inc. is transforming the future for how athletes train. The Company’s interpretive bioinformatics algorithm provides a sports-based DNA analysis to consumers. Athletigen’s easy-to-use, actionable dashboard identifies how a person’s genetics specifically affects their athleticism, nutrition and sports psychology, and creates a personalized blueprint for precision performance. Athletigen’s platform is built on an extensive database of genetic indicators that has been built over nearly two-decades of sports genetics research. To learn more visit

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