peHUB First Read

Cofee* Mother Jones fills out a TARP application, and finds that it only takes 27 minutes to complete. But don’t worry, that’s still 25 more minutes than it took them to fill out a new credit card application…

* Best. Job. Ever.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, FTSE down 1.2% in early trading, rest of Europe erases 2009 gains, Nikkei hits one-month closing low and Hong Kong shares are flat.

* Julius Genachowski is tapped to run the FCC. It must have been that pro-Obama post he wrote for peHUB last fall.

* General Motors plans to open a lithium ion battery production plant in Michigan, which is welcome news for the burgeoning battery startup market.

* Is hedge fund manager John Paulson brilliant or evil?

* In your career, will you be Pittsburgh or Detroit? Until the economic collapse began destroying Rhode Island’s job market, this also could have been titled: Will you be Providence or Worcester?

* The Jack Bauer Guide to Financial Success: 11 reasons why watching 24 is better prep than a financial modeling class.

* Could bloggers become print’s salvation?

* Colbert on Madoff: