peHUB First Read

CofeeChrysler has struck a product placement deal for the next Terminator movie. Words fail me…

* The Dirt Bag Chronicles.

* Erin is in Philly for the Wharton PE & VC Conference, and will be live-blogging throughout the day. This is the same event that SEIU protesters crashed last year, and which Tim Draper ate into Steve Schwarzman’s time the year before (by singing, natch). In other words, something of interest usually happens. Make sure to check back throughout the day.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures sharply lower on lousy numbers from GE, European shares trim losses but stay red, FTSE down at mid-day, Nikkei closes at two-month low and Hong Kong also drops. In short: Losses all around.

* THL Partners has not written down Clear Channel, even though co-owner Bain has already marked it down by 15 percent. Things that make you go hmmm….

* A conversation with Yale endowment chief David Swensen.

* A group of Polaroid enthusiasts are trying to make new film for the old cameras.

* Hank Paulson heads to Johns Hopkins.